The Ventura Center for Spiritual Living is a Center of Love where we learn to be love, share love, and serve love.  We believe that love is the essence of Absolute Reality. Absolute Reality contains all possibilities (not just the ones we like).

Human beings have free will which we sometimes use in a destructive manner.   Therefore, negative conditions such as violence, injustice, and hatred exist in the relative world.

We believe that the source of negative conditions is collective fear and ignorance.

While others choose to polarize and fight with negativity, we believe that this method is ineffective.  Rather, we align ourselves with teachers such as Martin Luther King Jr., who said “hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

In the spirit of Love, we embrace compassion.  Our willingness to share and bear suffering invites us to practice skillfully.  Together we assume responsibility for addressing the source of suffering, that is collective fear and ignorance.

We do not turn away from conditions.  We do not empower them through resistance and the need to eradicate the “other.”  We choose to embrace the perception of negativity as an aspect of the Absolute that stretches us into deeper love and wholeness.

We advocate a three-fold approach to deepen our embrace.  Using head, heart, and hands, we connect to the Reality underlying all conditions:

  • Be Love – we use our minds to pray. We pray to know wholeness beneath all appearances of brokenness.  “There is nothing to be healed, only [Absolute] Truth to be revealed.” (Ernest Holmes).
  • Share Love – we use our hearts to share principles of reconciliation. When conflict arises, we stand in Rumi’s field.  There we practice honesty and active listening.  We love our enemies and bless those who curse us.  We surrender opposing views to the Law of Three.  These practices evolve solutions beyond our current levels of attachment, and create win/wins.
  • Serve Love—we use our hands to serve, to practice small radical acts of kindness.  Although frequently underestimated, every act of kindness makes a difference as it begins to erode our shared narrative of fear, distrust and separation.  Through kindness, we begin to “live as if the Truth of interconnectedness is True.”  As we evolve our practice, we observe the ripples of kindness that emerge from a single act.  Emboldened by the ripples, we practice again.  Soon, kindness becomes a powerful alliance that changes everything.

We understand that ours is an unusual approach to a world that seems troubled and divided.  While it may not be the only way, we believe that the path of prayer, reconciliation, and kindness remains largely untried – until now.  We encourage you to join us.  Help us prove the power of these principles in action.  Help us bless all beings everywhere.  Namaste.

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Ventura Center for Spiritual Living

Be Love, Share Love, Serve Love.

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