Congregational Care

Circle of Blessings – Congregational Care team

Rev. Judy Pando, Ministry Leader

The Circle of Blessings is a circle of compassion, kindness, and sacred service that assists people with specific physical or emotional needs.  In addition, this ministry offers a twice monthly Grief Support Group.  (See below).  They would be happy to assist you with:

  • Meal Support
  • Transportation
  • Bereavement Support 
  • Hospital or Home Visits
  • Other

The people who serve in this ministry recognize that serving blesses both giver and receiver.  They see that caring in small ways blesses the Whole World.  To serve or be served by the Circle of Blessings, please click here.

Paws & Effect – Pet Ministry

Sue & Dave Kabel, Ministry Leaders

We believe that the Divine manifests as love in all creatures great and small.  Our Paws & Effect Team supports the congregation in matters concerning their animal companions.  This includes praying for animals and owners, support through illnesses and deaths of beloved pets, and assisting people in welcoming new pets.   They collaborate with the Circle of Blessing Team to assist people with special pet needs.

The Paws & Effect team offers an annual Pet Blessing service where participants celebrate the joy that comes with being part of an animal’s life.  In addition, this team plays an important role in managing the animal actors that appear in our annual Christmas Eve Service.  To serve or be served by this ministry, please click here.

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