Caring Circles

Ministry of Prayer

Karen Mondragon, RScP, Ministry Leader

Photo by Steve Jones

The Power of Prayer is a core value of our teaching.  Our Center provides Licensed Spiritual Practitioners who have been trained in the art of prayer.  No request is too big or too small.  Prayer helps all of us connect to the light and love available to all beings.   Prayer encourages healing, renewal and expanded possibilities.  Prayer for one person blesses the entire world.

If you would like to receive prayer, you have several options:

  • Fill out a blue Prayer Request form at the Center and place it in one of two of the Prayer Chests – on the altar and on the table in the social hall.
  • Find a Practitioner at the front of the Church after service for a “1-minute miracle.”
  • Contact a Practitioner by phone or email for Spiritual Guidance and Support.
  • Fill out an on-line Prayer Request Form.

The Practitioners and Ministers are honored to pray for you. We hope you partake of this powerful Spiritual Healing.

Partners in Prayer

Susan & Bill Seale, RScP’s, Ministry Leaders

People who pray for one another become bearers of the love and light that blesses everyone.

Our Partners in Prayer Program connects people seeking more prayer in their lives.  No special training is required.  We simply connect you with another heart-centered participant and encourage you to serve one another through the powerful practice of prayer.

If you would like to participate in this ministry, please click here.

Circle of Blessings – Congregational Care team

Rev. Judy Pando & Karen Hillman, RScP, Ministry Leaders

Photo by Norm Fort

The Circle of Blessings is a circle of compassion, kindness, and sacred service that assists people with specific physical or emotional needs.  They can provide transportation to church or medical appointments, visit people in the hospital or at home, offer meal support in times of grief or sickness, and assist in finding local resources for special needs.  In addition, this ministry offers a twice monthly Grief Support Group.  (See below).

Members of the Circle of Blessings meet once a month to laugh, cry, pray, and break bread together.  In their meetings, they care for each other as well, through all of life’s changes.

The people who serve in this ministry recognize that serving blesses both giver and receiver.  They see that caring in small ways blesses the world at large.

To serve or be served by the Circle of Blessings, please click here.

Grief Support group

Rev. Judy Pando & Dot Scovil, Ministry Leaders


Our Grief Support Group offers a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through life’s difficult experiences.

Each of us experiences the grief of loss and change. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone.  Our Spiritual Center’s support group is led by people who understand what you are going through and want to help. You’ll gain access to valuable resources to help you recover from your loss and look forward to rebuilding your life.

This group meets on the first and third Wednesdays of the month from 5:00 – 6:30 pm at the Herron House, 133 S. Laurel Street, next door to the church.  To participate in the Grief Support Group, please contact Rev. Judy Pando.

Paws & Effect – Pet Ministry

Sue & Dave Kabel, Ministry Leaders


We believe that the Divine manifests as love in all creatures great and small.  Our Paws & Effect Team supports the congregation in matters concerning their animal companions.  This includes praying for animals and owners, support through illnesses and deaths of beloved pets, and assisting people in welcoming new pets.   They collaborate with the Circle of Blessing Team to assist people with special pet needs.

The Paws & Effect team offers an annual Pet Blessing service where participants celebrate the joy that comes with being part of an animal’s life.  In addition, this team plays an important role in managing the animal actors that appear in our annual Christmas Eve Service.

To serve or be served by this ministry, please click here.

Community Outreach

Lucky Lynch, Ministry Leader

Our Community Outreach Circle seeks opportunities to serve those beyond the walls of our Spiritual Center.  We reach out to the community at large to assist others.  Our generous service increases our empathy for all beings.

Our Community Outreach team has supported many programs over the years.  We have given to toy drives for the holidays and have provided homeless school children with supplies; we give to food banks; we collaborate with other ministries at VCSL such as Paws & Effect to give to animal rescue organizations; and so much more.  Our team always seeks new and exciting ways to serve and give.

Our Center also donates funds to various organizations both locally and globally.   Our abundant sharing encourages deep and lasting friendships. Our hearts expand as we see how giving magnifies blessings for ourselves and others.

To learn more about this ministry, please click here.

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