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I love to connect the “real world” with the ancient wisdom of spiritual teachings. This is where the magic happens. We are all spiritual beings and that doesn't change when we enter the world of relationships, finances or business.

Twenty-six years ago, I filed for bankruptcy and that's where my research began. I built a multimillion dollar business by using and practicing some of the most powerful strategies in business, leadership and sales techniques. A business was built with over 100 employees within two years of filing bankruptcy.
But, I found that overcoming financial bankruptcy was not enough. I realized that to focus just on financial health did not equal a life of love and happiness.

I began studying and integrating the great spiritual teachings and decided that being a spiritual counselor, using the Science of Mind principles was a place that I could make a difference. I am now a Religious Science certified Practitioner and I love to counsel using these principles.

I also became a Wilderness Guide, leading Vision Quests because I believe that nature opens us up to the true experience of ourselves. Time on the land has taught me a lot about myself and it is a great way to tune into my God-self! .

I have found that no matter how much or how little we have in material possessions, if we don't love ourselves, it becomes a very lonely and unfulfilled life. As I began living a life knowing Spirit, I realized that I was not congruent. I noticed when I would say "Namaste," (the Divine in me seeing the Divine in you), I would not really see the Divine in me. I was not happy about my body or the way I looked. I would "dis" myself every time I looked in the mirror. When I had a direct experience of the Truth of who I am, my world changed. I shifted. It was so profound for me that I wrote the story in my book, Love Your Body Now!

I love to create sacred space, hang out in nature as well as at the Coffee Bean. I love to dance around a fire as well as dipping on a dance floor! I married a fabulous man five years ago on a beach in Santa Barbara and our first dance was to Louis Armstong's "Wonderful World". I believe we live in a wonderful world and life is to be lived and savored in each moment that is now, no matter how big or how small. My core values are kindness and love and I know that everything flows from there.

I am a guide, a speaker and an author. You can find me at or call me at 805-258-8300. I would be thrilled and delighted to hear from you.

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