Paws & Effect Pet Ministry

Pet Ministry led by Sue Kabel, RScP, Dave Kabel & Mie Fallesen-Lacara.
Our current campaign is joining forces with VCSL Outreach and collect much needed items for SPAN - Spay/Neuter Animal Network. Please see below for more information.

Purpose & Mission

SPAN is directly responsible for having spayed or neutered thousands of dogs and cats since its inception. The good news? The number of animals entering Ventura County Animal Regulation has decreased yearly, in part due to an increase in spay/neuter awareness.

SPAN is made up of a TOTALLY VOLUNTEER group of dedicated women and men and supported entirely from donations and proceeds from their Thrift and Gift shop. They endeavor to make sure that every effort is made to raise public awareness of the pet over-population problem and the cycle of irresponsible breeding, unwanted births and subsequent deaths of companion animals. They provide financial aid, when necessary, for those who would otherwise be unable to spay or neuter their pets. They also provide low and no cost vaccines and licensing for low income and the homeless. The Paws & Effect Ministry will be collecting the following supplies to support SPAN:

- Dog food
- Cat food
- Paper towels
- Toilet paper
- Quart Ziploc bags
- Gallon Ziploc bags
- Reams of paper for copy machine, 8 1/2 x 11
- 33 gallon STURDY garbage bags

Bring your items into church on Sunday. They may be dropped in the bin in the foyer or in Stanley's Hall at the Outreach Table.

For more information or questions, contact Lonnie Cassidy, RScP, at (805) 858-8027 or Sue Kabel, RScP, at (805) 218-2894.


About Us

We believe in this world God manifests as love in all creatures great and small.
We believe in supporting the congregation in matters concerning their animal companions.
We celebrate the connection, the love, the joy, the sorrow and the pain connected to being a part of an animal’s life.
We will offer prayers (treatments) for both animal and owner.
We will offer support through the illness and/or death of our beloved pets.

Contact People

Sue Kabel, RScP

Paws & Effect Ministry Leader
Photo of Sue Kabel, RScP

Sue attended her first service at VCSL in 2009 and knew right away that she had found her spiritual community, her spiritual family. Sue became a Practitioner at the Center in 2013. A part of Practitioner training is becoming aware of how your unique gifts and passions may be shared with the Center and congregation. Because of Sue's deep passion for animals, it became clear to her that she should start a pet ministry.

Sue and her husband, Dave, have 2 dogs; Ren and Norma. Ren is a 13-year-old rescued Chihuahua, and Norma is a 4-year-old Rottweiler. Norma is a certified "Love on a Leash" therapy dog. She enjoys going to local nursing homes to share her love and licks.

The pet ministry, Paws & Effect, will offer support to the congregation and their beloved pets.

(805) 218-2894

Dave Kabel

Paws & Effect Ministry Leader
Photo of Dave Kabel

Dave has been a member of VCSL since 2009. Since his wife, Sue, became a Practitioner in 2013, they both have had a desire to contribute to their Center in a special way. And since they are both lovers of animals, what better way than to start a pet ministry!

The pet ministry, Paws & Effect, will be a fun way to support the Center and the congregation. Dave & Sue have a Rottweiler (Norma) and a Chihuahua (Ren). Norma is presently a “Love on a Leash” certified therapy dog that makes nursing home visits to bring love and licks to the patients.

Dave is also an avid cyclist and loves to ride both road and mountain bikes. He also have a motorcycle that he and Sue enjoy riding.

(805) 983-5580

Mie Fallesen-Lacara

Paws & Effect Ministry Leader
Photo of Mie Fallesen-Lacara

Mie first attended the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living sometime in 2006 and knew right away that she had found her spiritual home and community.

The first thing she noticed, as as she walked through the front door, was the portrait of Rev. Bonnie Rose and her dog, Stella. Mie just knew that she was done searching for a spiritual home.

Mie has always felt a very strong connection to the animal kingdom since she was a child. As she became more connected in our spiritual Center, her passion grew and she was encouraged to actually go out in the community to help and do rescue work. Mie has especially developed a strong need to work, help and rescue what we call power breeds.

Mie volunteers for a rescue group called "All for Love Animal Rescue" (AFLAR). There she helps evaluate, train, and handle the dogs but, most importantly, educate the public about the bully breeds. They rescue/pull them from the shelters and get them ready for their future forever loving homes. Mie also coordinates their foster program. One of AFLAR main focuses is on Pit Bulls.

Mie and her husband have two Boerboels (South African Mastiffs), a Husky/Chow mix and a Yorkie. They recently were the foster parents to their now Pittie mix, Braxton. They loved him so much that they ended up adopting him last year!

Mie feels fortunate to work from home as a Personal Fitness trainer and nutrition consultant.

(805) 815-7938

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