Creative Arts Ministry

Purpose & Mission

The purpose of this ministry is to come together with creative, spiritual, like minded people to figure out what "God's highest idea is" for us as a group and as individuals.

About Us

We have a wonderful team of dedicated individuals embarking on our new Creative Arts Ministry at VCSL. Our Center has great enthusiasm and great support for creativity and creative expression. VCSL has many who creatively express – artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, poets, writers, dramatic readers, public and motivational speakers, singers, dancers, musicians, actors and theatre production. People who sew, crochet, weave and make jewelry, people who cook and those who create beautiful gardens, people who love teaching a variety of subjects, and people who thrive living life fully!

How can we tap into this creative field and give it expression? How can we use this energy to cross-pollinate with our other ministries, to support the growth and expansion of each other and our center, and facilitate community building and spiritual growth?

The Creative Arts Ministry is interested in showcasing the diverse creative resources of our center. In addition to showcasing individual artists, painters, musicians, etc. in addition to providing outreach to members in our center and the surrounding communities; to support expand and assist other ministries such as Fundraising, Gourmet for God Events, Circle of Blessings, Pet Ministry, Wednesday Night Meditations, Youth Children and Teen Ministries; and creating fun events with Play as God Plays Ministry.

This ministry has events scheduled for the rest of 2015 and is making plans for events for 2016. We are creating a mission statement later this year.
Please check the VCSL Calendar and the e-newsletter for events.

Please contact Lida Martin RScP at 805-890-2581 or email her at

Contact People

Lida Martin, RScP

Licensed Practitioner
Photo of Lida Martin, RScP

Lida has been active in the Healing Arts for over twenty-five years creatively using a variety of healing modalities in massage and bodywork, yoga, meditation, creative expression, energy clearing and energy balancing. All these practices enhance and strengthen our personal energy and spiritual growth, actively transform our lives in positive ways, provide inspiration, and allow us to experience health and well-being.

Awakening and giving expression to the inner artist and creative expression is one of Lida's passions. She is a watercolor artist and offers workshops on Visioning and Vision Board Classes. Lida co-facilitates a 12 week course in Creativity and Spirituality called The Artist Way by Julia Cameron each year. She is certified to teach and is adding private and group classes on Aviva Gold’s Painting from the Source – The Re-Enchantment of People and Planet through Art. This is a fun and dynamic way to tap into authentic creativity for our art and our lives.

Lida became an Official Guide to John of God in Abadainia, Brazil in 2015 and received permission to bring home a Crystal Bed. “Crystal Bed Sessions” are healing sessions where an individual lies on a massage table and seven precisely cut Vogel crystals with colored filters are arranged approximately eighteen inches from each of the main energy centers or chakras. The light and energy from the crystals and an energetic connection to the Healing Entities and Energies from John of God in Abadainia brings resonance to our physical and energetic bodies, promotes health and well-being, releases blockages from the endocrine system and the chakras, supports our spiritual connection, and are a wonderful complement to any plan for wellness and health already in place

Lida brings her deep appreciation of prayer and prayer treatment and connection with the Divine to her role as one of the Licensed Practitioner for VCSL to support people in aligning with the sacred creative life force energy that is within and all around us.

She is Chair for the new Creative Arts Ministry at VCSL and has co-facilitated the Oneness Deeksha Blessing Ministry for the past four years and loves singing with the VCSL Choir.

Lida lives in Ventura with her husband Greg, has a son and daughter, and delights in being Grandma Tutu for three grandchildren. She can be reached at 805-890-2581 or email for Massage and Healing Sessions, Practitioner Sessions, and Creative Expression.

Sue Davis

Course Instructor
Photo of Sue Davis

Sue Davis is an Area Governor for Toastmasters, Inc., a non-profit public speaking and leadsership organization. She is an executive communications advisor for a Fortune 50 company and has been a blogger for more than 10 years.

Sue may be reached at (805) 794-8781.

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