Jonna Shane, RScP

Photo of Jonna Shane, RScP

Jonna Shane was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, a true Valley Girl! She was baptized Catholic at birth, for her mother, and Bat Mitzvah'd through the Jewish roots of her father. She attended Christian summer camp with childhood friends, and was once engaged to a Pentecostal Pastor. Jonna has become the epitome of all pathways to G-d knowing that G-d is in everything and everyone!

Jonna has been involved in lay leadership and hospice throughout her adult life. She lives in recovery and has extensive experience in the 12 Step program over the last thirty years. She is deeply committed to helping others break open their hearts to fill it with the Truth of who we are. Pure 1OVE! Jonna believes in 1OVE ALL, knowing that G-d is all there is as well as our Source and writes a daily affirmation, available by email, with this as its premise.

Jonna is a prayer warrior and would love to pray with you! She may be reached 24/7 by phone at 818-614-2383, and by email at

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