Rex Harte

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Music for Rex has been a part of a very mysterious life of service to spirit. He grew up in the San Fernando Valley with a hyper sensitive audibly palpable intuition. After high school, he moved to the big island of Hawaii in 1978. While there for 23 years, Rex studied many healing wonders with a few wise old Hawaiian Kahunas and Nature that led to his personal road of healing and music's connection with love and everything. Rex's father, Roy, was also a musician and had a drum and percussion store in Hollywood from 1957 till 1997, "Drum City".

Rex's creative work, or his life process, is a flow of personal growth and his offerings of service through what comes naturally to him. Metaphysical consulting with mystical teachers has kept him busy for years, without ever advertising, as many have asked for guidance with developing clearer communication with their own personal unseen help that they already acknowledge, and thank regularly.

Rex enjoys helping others expand their inner resources. He still does a few private sessions a month, doing what he calls "metaphysical consulting of a beautiful kind". Rex lives a humble and magically thrilling life! He has been blessed with beautiful opportunities to play music with some great enchanted musicians throughout the years - some nearby and some not physically alive anymore, but still very much alive. To mention a few still here on earth that he always looks forward to playing with - Bob Selvin, Woody De Marco, Jon Crosse, Bob Mortensen, and David Parlato. Extra Love and gratitude to his passed away favorites - the late, great Bob Harrington, Glenn Willis, Archie Grant, Jimmy Wyble, Harry Babasin and his dear old dad, Roy Harte.

Long ago, Rex chose to live his life magically every day with overflowing gratitude. This outlook has truly worked for him. He is so grateful for his beautiful wife, Beverly, and his great 26 year old son, Michael, from his first marriage. Rex is consciously feeling grateful in every moment, and in this moment, thanking God, Goddess, and "The All That Is" for so many opportunities to love, heal, grow, inspire, learn and give.

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