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August 20, 2017 - "True Compassion"


Rev. Bonnie Rose

Senior Minister
Photo of Rev. Bonnie Rose

Rev. Bonnie is the Senior Minister of the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living. She was born in New York, graduated from Duke University with a degree in Nursing, and then received a degree from the North Carolina School of the Arts in Vocal Performance.

Rev. Bonnie worked in New York for several years as a Nurse, Opera Singer, and Actress. In 1992-93, she performed in the National Tour of a Broadway Show and then decided to move to Southern California. She attended the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science, became a practitioner there, and then received a Master of Divinity from Holmes Institute.

Rev. Bonnie served as a staff minister at NHCRS for two years, prior to being led to Ventura Center for Spiritual Living. A gifted speaker and visionary, Rev. Bonnie offers dynamic leadership to transform lives and helps make the world a better place. Rev. Bonnie is dedicated to calling forth the best in all beings and working together to create a culture of kindness. Ventura Center for Spiritual Living is a journey church, where participants engage in an ongoing discovery of how to live fully and abundantly in the Infinite.

Rev. Bonnie currently lives in Santa Paula with her husband Hugh, and a large menagerie. You may contact Rev. Bonnie at either revbonnierose@venturacsl.org or office@venturacsl.org.


Ray Davis

Photo of Ray Davis

Ray is a multi-instrumental, singer/songwriter whose music moves fluidly through funk, soul, jazz, gospel, and pop, without losing connection to its life-affirming, positive spiritual message. His beautiful, soulful voice delivers well-crafted, hook-driven songs that speak to the best in all of us.

Ray is originally from Compton California, a small incorporated city just south of Los Angeles. Compton’s reputation as a dangerous, duck-before-you-get-shot ghetto provided the perfect book-by-cover metaphor that has influenced Ray’s writing. The Compton that Ray experienced was one of community, of rich church and school relationships, and a large, tight family that immersed him in the kind of musical variety necessary to nurture genius. Yes, Ray’s genius is in using flow, rhythm, harmony, to illumine the listener’s mind to reality beyond appearance. Like in his song, “The Average Man” where Ray writes, “What if I was born for greatness/ what if I am really more than I think I am?” he uses an infectious groove to demonstrate the potential for amazing things from every “average” person.

Now working from Los Angeles, Ray uses his classical training, blends it with influences as diverse as Aaron Copeland, Bill Withers, Miles Davis, and James Taylor to create a set that stretches what people expect from “spiritual” music. His joyful, humorous performances set audiences at ease. Ray Davis loves easily and is easy to love. Just ask anyone who has seen him at any of the numerous New Thought spiritual centers where he has sung, such as the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City California, or clubs around Los Angeles such as Angel's Piano Bar and Supper Club, Room5 Lounge, and Genghis Cohen.

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