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November 12, 2017


SpiritSings Kirtan and Dance

Photo of SpiritSings Kirtan and Dance

Singer-songwriter-sound ministers Noell Grace and Ejé Lynn-Jacobs offer SpiritSings Kirtans twice a month in Santa Barbara, CA. Residents and visitors are invited to join in the joy as we sing simple, heart opening songs invoking our felt experience of the Divine. This unique sing-along of original chants, songs and mantra in a full range of musical styles such as gospel, folk, rhythm and blues, world beat, indigenous and meditational chants. All lyrics inspire and affirm the love, abundance, unity and joy of our True Nature.

The two hour event begins with an opening set of soul nourishing sing-alongs and chants. Lyrics are projected on screen, primarily in English with a dash of Sanskrit, Aramaic, Paiute and Hawaiian. After the fifteen minute cookie break, spirit singers relax and receive as inspired guest musicians perform one or two original songs. We then dive into more heart expanding group singing and close the night with a chant of recognition of the Divine in all. At evening’s end the energy is high and our joy is deep and lasting.

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