Mike Templin, RScP

Photo of Mike Templin, RScP

Mike Templin first walked through the doors of VCSL in 1994, 16 years ago. He immersed himself into the Science of Mind philosophy, taking as many classes as he could. Mike became a licensed Practitioner in 1998, while serving on the Board of Trustees. His second term as a Board member again in 2006 and he currently serves as Treasurer.

Mike recently retired from the F.B.I. where he served as an Agent for more than 29 years. Science of Mind principals influenced his career as he learned to perceive actions in terms of consequences and accountability instead of right or wrong and/or good or bad. Most people seem to respond better to accountability than blame and accept the concept of consequences. Mike enjoys sharing our philosophy and teaching classes. Spending time with family and friends, photography, hiking and travel bring joy into his life.

Mike may be reached at (805) 616-0002 or templinmichael@yahoo.com.

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