Doreen Palermo, RScP

Photo of Doreen Palermo, RScP

Doreen Palermo became a licensed Practitioner in the summer of 2006. She was introduced to Religious Science over 16 years ago and has since been committed to teaching the Science of Mind principles to absolutely anyone she meets.

Doreen serves as the Director of Membership at VCSL, as well as being a board member since February 2008. After attending a church membership class at the Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle in 1996, she immediately knew what her ministry would be once she became a Practitioner, to create a membership program within a Science of Mind Center which would provide an easy understanding and introduction to the principles we teach, allowing all new comers to feel welcome, right at home, and live from that place within them that let’s an individual remember the truth of who they really are. She created the membership program and class curriculum used today at our center, which has also been adopted by other churches.

Doreen may be reached at or (805) 640-7200.

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