Circle of Blessings - Congregational Care Team

We bless one another through sacred acts of service.

Purpose & Mission

The Circle of Blessings offers support to Center Participants in need of blessings such as transportation to church or doctors appointments, visitation, meal support in times of grief or sickness and assistance with finding local resources for special needs. Members of this Team enjoy nurturing our Spiritual Family. They find that the act of blessing one another blesses both giver and receiver. For more information, stop by the Circle of Blessings Table in Stanley's Hall; or contact


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About Us

VCSL's Circle of Blessings Presents...S.O.S.
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Planning a trip to the beach this summer?

Gaze out at the sea as much as you can, and let the stress relief come rolling in. “Green space” may be all the rage, but trees and plants haven’t cornered the entire nature therapy market.

A recent population study linked ocean views, what researchers call “blue space,” with lower stress levels. Of course, it doesn’t take a scientific study to tell you that being at the ocean feels good. The sand in your toes, the sounds of the surf, and the sparkling, sun-dappled water are a feast for the senses. Contemplating the sheer vastness of the ocean has a way of putting day-to-day worries into perspective.

So along with “going green” this summer, bask in blue space as often as you can. If you are lucky enough (which we are!) to live near the sea and get a daily dose of its magic, count your blue-space blessings! And while you’re there, feast on fresh, omega-3-rich seafood to nourish your brain and heart.

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If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our COB ministry leaders – Karen Hillman, RScP, at (805) 231-5791 or Rev. Judy Pando at (805) 647-4511.

Contact People

Karen Hillman, RScP

Co-Director, Circle of Blessings
Photo of Karen Hillman, RScP

Karen Hillman, a Religious Science Practitioner through the United Centers for Spiritual Living, has been in R.S. for over 20 years and is currently serving at the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living.

Born and raised in S. Calif., traveled extensively, studied Eastern and Western World Religions and found the perfect balance in the teachings of Ernest Holmes. Proud parent of two adult children, Diego and Joy, who were raised in New Thought and often choose to attend....after years of being strongly encouraged.

Her Spiritual journey has been a conscious one in conjunction with her professional life as a Registered Nurse/Reiki II/Massage Therapist. Worked for religious based hospitals for most of career and managed Integrative Therapy volunteers at local Cancer Center for several years. Currently, Karen is working with dying patients/families through home care medical model hospice. She enjoys giving to VSCL through her service with the Circle of Blessings, (outreach to homebound/hospitalized congregants, and developing health ministry).

She is excited to meet with congregants and folks from the Ventura community for spiritual counseling and prayer/treatment in the sacred knowing of the TRUTH...God is all there is, we are ONE, and it is done unto us as we believe.

Karen may be reached at (805) 231-5791 or

Rev. Judy Pando

Staff Minister
Photo of Rev. Judy Pando

Judy Pando has been a Religious Science Practitioner since 1996. Her primary focus is in the area of pastoral care. She is co-leader of the Circle of Blessings whose members are devoted to seeing the divine in everyone and in all circumstances. Knowing that life is perfect, but not always easy, it is Judy's great honor and privilege to offer spiritual and practical support to those members of our community in need and those who care for them.

Judy's ministry is about spiritual maturity. It is about transformation, awakening and allowing. It is about seeing as God sees, loving as God loves. It's about connecting, heart to heart, mind to mind, and soul to soul; holding one hand at a time.

Judy is a native of California, and enjoys nature and spending time with friends and her very large family. She is available for sessions by phone or in person.

Contact Rev. Judy at or call (805) 647-4511.

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