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Purpose & Mission

Focusing on opportunities within our community to serve.

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Safe Haven Emergency Shelter
30 day emergency shelter for victims and their children who are fleeing domestic violence

The Need:
Tracfone phone minutes Gift Cards
In any denomination. Available at large retail stores, i.e. Target and Walmart

The Reason:
Families are given a secure cell phone upon entering the shelter and the gift cards support their communication with family and friends while they make the difficult decisions and transitions in their lives.

Casa Pacifica serves all children placed in Casa Pacifica’s Residential Treatment Center and emergency crisis-care shelter as well as day school students from the community attending Casa Pacifica’s Non Public School and Casa Pacifica alumni and their children. Program wish lists were created to assist with providing the items needed to assist in these goals.

McDonald’s Cottage Wish List (girls ages 6 – 18)
• Wii gaming system
• Coloring books
• Markers/crayons/paints
• Scrapbooking materials
• Bead-making kits
• Craft project kits
• Puzzles
• Books
• Sports Equipment

Rainbow Cottage (boys ages 6 – 18)
• DVD’s (G, PG, PG-13)
• Playstation 3
• Playstation games
• X-box 360
• X-box 360 games
• Punching bags/sports equipment
• Art Supplies
• Board Games
• Legos
• Books

For more information, contact Lucky Lynch.

Contact Person

Lucky Lynch

Photo of Lucky Lynch

Lucky's first engagement with Science of Mind was in the 1970's and 80's when she conducted strategic planning retreats for a number of congregations in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. In 2005, Lucky married a follower of Ernest Holmes, Ed Lynch, who began attending the Ventura Church when he moved to Oxnard. Lucky became a member in 2006 and currently serves as our Outreach Ministry leader. In her consulting business, Transformation Process Design, she works with clients as they address interpersonal conflicts, improve communication and cooperation, and create more respectful and inclusive organizations and institutions. She is also an associate with Kaleidoscope Institute for competent leadership in a diverse and changing society. She is past president of Stillpoint a program that trains spiritual directors and serves as treasurer of Just Communities Central Coast . She has a Masters in Religious Studies from Mt. St. Mary's, Los Angeles.

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