Rick Southam, RScP

Photo of Rick Southam, RScP

Rick has been a surfer since 1973 finding spirituality in the water and riding the energy that was created thousands of miles away. He is amazed at the Dolphins as they would pass by only feet away and has even witnessed dolphins riding waves.

Rick has been searching for spirituality since a young boy when his family attended Baptist Churches. He has always believed in the power of prayer and has attended many Christian non-denominational churches in Ventura County.

Rick began attending The Ventura Center for Spiritual Living for about 4 years and started taking classes. One class led to another class and then to Practitioner Training. He has participated in several areas of the church helping with repairs, set up and clean up, lighting candles, praying up the sancturary, helping with hospitality, helping at children's church, helping with the Christmas Service and several seminars held at the Center.

Rick loves Science of Mind because it has taught him to think for himself and it welcomes people from all faiths. Rick says, "I love it, it makes sense to me and it feels right."

Rick may be reached at (805) 648-5097.

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