Adapted from This Thing Called You

By Ernest Holmes

The disciples identified the possibility of being fed only with the meagre amount.  Jesus identified the loaves and fishes with Eternal Substance. 

Pass your small offering of love into the hands of love, and watch it multiply through the laws of abundance. 

Nothing has happened to Reality since the little boy brought the loaves and fishes.  God has not changed, nature has not changed, law has not changed, truth has not changed. 

Shall you not also look to the desert place of your own thought… Perhaps a child is standing there with outstretched hands.  The elder is there too, the one of divine wisdom.  Let the child hand the few loaves and fishes to this Divine One within you, while the intellect gives thanks and the Spirit performs its miracle of love. 


By Sam Keen

Start with an empty canvas

Sketch in broad outline the forms of men, women, and children.

Dip into the unconscious well of your own disowned darkness with a wide brush and stain the strangers with the sinister hue of the shadow.

Trace onto the face of the enemy the greed, hatred, carelessness you dare not claim as your own.

Obscure the sweet individuality of each face.

Erase all hints of myriad loves, hope, fears that play through the kaleidoscope of every finite heart.

Twist the smile until it forms the downward arc of cruelty.

Strip flesh from bone until only the abstract skeleton of death remains.

Exaggerate each feature until man is metamorphosed into beast, vermin, insect.

Fill in the background with malignant figures from ancient nightmares–devils, demons, myrmidons of evil.

When your icon of the enemy is complete you will be able to kill without guilt, slaughter without shame.

The thing you destroy will have become merely an enemy of God, an impediment to the sacred dialectic of history.

Photo by Wendell

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