An Excerpt from “The Forward Look of Easter”

Eric Butterworth

Easter at its best is not a backward glance to the Cross, the tomb, and the Resurrection.  It is a forward look to the quality of life it forecasts for all persons.  It is not the story of God in humanity, but of humanity at its best, demonstrating the God-potential in all. 

George Bernard Shaw deals with the whole Easter experience in one sentence: “They crucified Him on a stick, but somehow He managed to get hold of the right end of it.”  Easter says to everyone, “No matter what challenges you may be facing in your life, with the right attitude you can go through them, even grow through them, and tomb of human despair cannot hold you back.” 

We are forward looking creatures.  Our lives are interspersed with eager aspirations, beckoning dreams, and shining ideals.  We are forever looking forward to better things.  The Easter story suggests that it is more important to have something to look forward from.   When we look forward from a consciousness of unity with life and oneness with God, all work, play, relationships, and religions become inner-centered.  We become more concerned with what we can give to life than what life is giving to us.  And the Resurrection becomes not just another miracle, but a timeless quality of life. 

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