A Reading from “It’s Not Your Money”

by Tosha Silver*


Surrender is at the core of being Abundance. You move into a joyous flow of giving and receiving. You let yourself be used by the Divine.  As true offering arises, it becomes easy to let go, because you start to trust that more will always come in. You make the shift from mine . . . mine . . . mine to God’s . . . God’s . . . God’s. Such a difference!

It’s easy to fall into blaming yourself for “failure at manifesting.” But that’s all based in thinking at the level of the ego. Instead, learning to surrender and open to Source will often solve the problem.

Over time, reciting the Full Abundance Change Me Prayer brings a Divine cushion that holds and supports you. You’re no longer in freefall. Many of your fears may well evaporate. You start to trust you’ll be okay with or without your desire; you tap into the peace that comes when demands end. You sense that every true need will indeed be met, one way or another.

Once you make room for this holy plan, you no longer insist, “My way at all costs!”  You start to say, “God, show me how to live this. Let me at least pretend for now that You are truly my Provider.” As you open this way, prosperity can come from unlimited, unexpected sources. Love is far more creative than the rigid, constrained, yet exhausted ego.

And now, as a reminder – an excerpt from the Change Me Prayer:

Divine Beloved, Change Me into someone
who can give with complete ease and abundance,
knowing You are the unlimited Source of All.

Let me be an easy open conduit for Your prosperity.
Let me trust that all of my own needs are
always met in amazing ways
and it is safe to give freely as my heart guides me.

And equally, please Change Me into someone
who can feel wildly open to receiving.
Let me know my own value, beauty and
worthiness without question.
Let me allow others the supreme pleasure of giving to me.
Let me feel worthy to receive in every possible way.

You are Me. I am You. We are One.  All is well.  And so it is. 


Photo by Wendell

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