An Excerpt from The Book of Secrets – by Deepak Chopra, adapted by Bonnie Rose

 I once asked a physicist if everyone in his community accepted by now that reality was non-local – meaning that in reality, there are no such things as place or distance. He conceded that his colleagues did accept this.

“Isn’t non-locality the same as omniscience?” I said. “There’s no distance in time, no distance in space. Communication is instantaneous, and every particle is connected to every other.”

“Could be,” he said, not exactly agreeing but letting me go on.

“Then why did the universe bother to become local? Why did spirit become matter?” I said. “It already knew everything. It already includes everything, and at the deepest level, it already encompasses all events that could possibly happen.”

“I don’t know,” my physicist said. “Maybe the universe just wanted a vacation.”

This isn’t a bad answer.

The one thing the universe can’t experience is getting away from itself. So, in a sense, we are its vacation. Through us the universe gets to play. Play at what? Hide and seek perhaps. But also at giving someone else the controls to see what he or she comes up with. The universe wanted to have a new perspective, and for this, it had to create creators like itself.

There is no definite way for you to relate to the universe, no definite way for you to create. Just relate and create in your own way.   What will be your unique relationship with omniscience? Shiver with anticipation and find out.

Photo by Wendell

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