A Meditation offered by Michael Eselun


In the words of Rilke, “She who reconciles the ill-matched threadsof her life, and weaves them gratefullyinto a single cloth – It’s she who drives the loudmouths from the hall and clears it for a different celebration.”   

I invite us to close our eyes and get comfortable in our seats as we move into this time of silent reflection and contemplation.  As we breathe a few nice, deep breaths together, we quiet our minds, we let go of the concerns of the day, the week behind us, and the week ahead of us… and we follow the empty breath. We come back to that image of the “ill-matched threads” of our lives… and how much we long to weave those threads into whole cloth.  As we breathe into that longing, we also leave room for what seems to be the way of life… the coming together and the falling apart… the weaving together and the unraveling… we breathe into the peace and stillness beneath the way things seem to be…

Photo by Wendell

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