Cheryl Ostrander, RScP


Cheryl may be contacted by calling (805) 641-9116 or by email at

Jeannette Choate, RScP


Jeannette may be contacted by calling (805) 383-0355 or by email at

Vicky Carter, RScP

Licensed Practitioner

Vicky may be contacted by calling (805) 216-5524 or by email at

Jonna Shane, RScP

Licensed Practitioner
Photo of Jonna Shane, RScP

Jonna Shane was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, a true Valley Girl! She was baptized Catholic at birth, for her mother, and Bat Mitzvah'd through the Jewish roots of her father. She attended Christian summer camp with childhood friends, and was once engaged to a Pentecostal Pastor. Jonna has become the epitome of all pathways to G-d knowing that G-d is in everything and everyone!

Jonna has been involved in lay leadership and hospice throughout her adult life. She lives in recovery and has extensive experience in the 12 Step program over the last thirty years. She is deeply committed to helping others break open their hearts to fill it with the Truth of who we are. Pure 1OVE! Jonna believes in 1OVE ALL, knowing that G-d is all there is as well as our Source and writes a daily affirmation, available by email, with this as its premise.

Jonna is a prayer warrior and would love to pray with you! She may be reached 24/7 by phone at 818-614-2383, and by email at

Jen Seale, RScP

Licensed Practitioner
Photo of Jen Seale, RScP

Jen has been involved in Religious Science since she was a child. Her mission is to share her love of whole living, for the body, mind and spirit! Through this passion she shares a joy of overall wellness through holistic health, food, creativity, mindfulness, spirituality, and most importantly…balance.

Jen is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner (health and wellness coach), licensed Science of Mind Practitioner, blogger, self-love promoter, and lover of life. She has spent many years studying various holistic and spiritual techniques and modalities including reiki, chiropractic, Feng Shui, yoga, Ayurveda, various types of holistic medicine, and more. Professionally and beyond, Jen guides those who want to love themselves on a deeper level, and live their best life possible!

Jen may be reached by email at

Jill Sarick Santos, RScP

Licensed Practitioner
Photo of Jill Sarick Santos, RScP

Jill Santos became a SOM Practitioner in July of 2015. She and her son, Ziggy, and dog, Chulo, live in Ventura. Jill works for Food Forward, a non-profit which harvests produce for those in need. She is the Director of VCSL's Youth and Family Ministry. Jill is called to serve her community through her love of nature and children.

Jill may be reached at

Deborah Gibson, RScP

Licensed Practitioner

Phone: (805) 252-1744

Lida Martin, RScP

Licensed Practitioner
Photo of Lida Martin, RScP

Lida has been active in the Healing Arts for over twenty-five years creatively using a variety of healing modalities in massage and bodywork, yoga, meditation, creative expression, energy clearing and energy balancing. All these practices enhance and strengthen our personal energy and spiritual growth, actively transform our lives in positive ways, provide inspiration, and allow us to experience health and well-being.

Awakening and giving expression to the inner artist and creative expression is one of Lida's passions. She is a watercolor artist and offers workshops on Visioning and Vision Board Classes. Lida co-facilitates a 12 week course in Creativity and Spirituality called The Artist Way by Julia Cameron each year. She is certified to teach and is adding private and group classes on Aviva Gold’s Painting from the Source – The Re-Enchantment of People and Planet through Art. This is a fun and dynamic way to tap into authentic creativity for our art and our lives.

Lida became an Official Guide to John of God in Abadainia, Brazil in 2015 and received permission to bring home a Crystal Bed. “Crystal Bed Sessions” are healing sessions where an individual lies on a massage table and seven precisely cut Vogel crystals with colored filters are arranged approximately eighteen inches from each of the main energy centers or chakras. The light and energy from the crystals and an energetic connection to the Healing Entities and Energies from John of God in Abadainia brings resonance to our physical and energetic bodies, promotes health and well-being, releases blockages from the endocrine system and the chakras, supports our spiritual connection, and are a wonderful complement to any plan for wellness and health already in place

Lida brings her deep appreciation of prayer and prayer treatment and connection with the Divine to her role as one of the Licensed Practitioner for VCSL to support people in aligning with the sacred creative life force energy that is within and all around us.

She is Chair for the new Creative Arts Ministry at VCSL and has co-facilitated the Oneness Deeksha Blessing Ministry for the past four years and loves singing with the VCSL Choir.

Lida lives in Ventura with her husband Greg, has a son and daughter, and delights in being Grandma Tutu for three grandchildren. She can be reached at 805-890-2581 or email for Massage and Healing Sessions, Practitioner Sessions, and Creative Expression.

Maria Bucaro, RScP

Licensed Practitioner
Photo of Maria Bucaro, RScP

I love to connect the “real world” with the ancient wisdom of spiritual teachings. This is where the magic happens. We are all spiritual beings and that doesn't change when we enter the world of relationships, finances or business.

Twenty-six years ago, I filed for bankruptcy and that's where my research began. I built a multimillion dollar business by using and practicing some of the most powerful strategies in business, leadership and sales techniques. A business was built with over 100 employees within two years of filing bankruptcy.
But, I found that overcoming financial bankruptcy was not enough. I realized that to focus just on financial health did not equal a life of love and happiness.

I began studying and integrating the great spiritual teachings and decided that being a spiritual counselor, using the Science of Mind principles was a place that I could make a difference. I am now a Religious Science certified Practitioner and I love to counsel using these principles.

I also became a Wilderness Guide, leading Vision Quests because I believe that nature opens us up to the true experience of ourselves. Time on the land has taught me a lot about myself and it is a great way to tune into my God-self! .

I have found that no matter how much or how little we have in material possessions, if we don't love ourselves, it becomes a very lonely and unfulfilled life. As I began living a life knowing Spirit, I realized that I was not congruent. I noticed when I would say "Namaste," (the Divine in me seeing the Divine in you), I would not really see the Divine in me. I was not happy about my body or the way I looked. I would "dis" myself every time I looked in the mirror. When I had a direct experience of the Truth of who I am, my world changed. I shifted. It was so profound for me that I wrote the story in my book, Love Your Body Now!

I love to create sacred space, hang out in nature as well as at the Coffee Bean. I love to dance around a fire as well as dipping on a dance floor! I married a fabulous man five years ago on a beach in Santa Barbara and our first dance was to Louis Armstong's "Wonderful World". I believe we live in a wonderful world and life is to be lived and savored in each moment that is now, no matter how big or how small. My core values are kindness and love and I know that everything flows from there.

I am a guide, a speaker and an author. You can find me at or call me at 805-258-8300. I would be thrilled and delighted to hear from you.

Amy Michelson, RScP

Licensed Practitioner
Photo of Amy Michelson, RScP

Amy Michelson considers the creative process her life’s purpose, whether crafting a poem or draping a gown. A frequently awarded couture wedding dress designer with a global brand, she founded LOVE IS THE CURE, a bridal industry charity.

Amy leads Sacred Writers Circles, creative writing groups that combine meditation with writing, and currently serves as the marketing director of the New Education World Institute in Ojai, California. A licensed Science of Mind Practitioner at VCSL, she lives in Ventura, California, with her husband and a German shorthaired pointer named Honey.

Amy's poems have appeared, or are forthcoming, in Talking River, Porter Gulch Review, Griffin, Sanskrit, Soundings East and two new anthologies, Mistletoe Madness and “B” published by Kind of a Hurricane Press.

Amy may be reached at or (818) 481-6206.

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