Classes & Workshops

Upcoming Classes for 2023

  • Elder Quest
  • Hidden Gospel 2
  • Soul Collage
  • Kaballah
  • Luminous Landscape
  • Enneagram/Decision Exercise
  • Word Magic
  • Watercolor
  • Grief Circle
  • Cultivating LK, etc.
  • Heart Math
  • Spiritual Principles and Practices
  • Conversations with God
  • Sacred Music


*Priceless Pricing –

We want to dwell in the paradox of making classes accessible for everyone while maintaining the fiscal integrity of our Center.  We invite you to ask your heart to guide you to the right amount to pay for this class.  Some will pay a little more, some a little less.  No exchange is too large or too small.  Our combined gifts converge in the currency of compassion to awaken us to enduring good for all.

In other words –

  • No upfront fees – just sign up and commit to coming to class.  Gift this class to yourself.
  • Donate in the last class – any amount up to

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