Youth and Family


Dear Youth and Families,
Thank you for your understanding as I have been absent for the past two weeks. The teachers and volunteers are amazing and loving and prepared and I feel confident that all is well each week until I return at the end of August. . A new project created by our own Middles Teacher, Jessica, is THE KINDNESS CROWN PROJECT. The children are embarking on this creative Act of Service and Giving Project in which they are learning, listening to stories, participating in activities designed to teach about kindness, understanding, facing challenges, truth and trust, giving, courage, compassion, sharing, forgiveness, friendship, mindfulness, patience, love, healing, helpfulness, humor, respect, curiosity, responsibility, determination and believing in themselves as reflected in our Science of Mind Curriculum. We are dedicated to teaching our Youth that loving themselves begins in their hearts, minds and souls and it is their right and yours to live a healthy and fulfilling and safe life. Each of YOU is so loved and perfect just as you are. Our children want to remind you that you are a gift- a spark of unlimited love. Each of you deserves your own unique crown of kindness crafted by the loving hands of our talented children. Each crown will be uniquely made with love and joy and no two crowns will be the same. Our plan is to create a crown for each member of our congregation. Each week we will add more crowns and we hope that by the Holidays we will be ready to present them. Thank you for being who you are.

Love and Light,
Suzy Thatcher
Youth and Family



The Youth Program is open to all pre-school to high school ages and will feature a new curriculum developed by Suzy Thatcher, an educator with 33 years of classroom experience, and Bill Hadrys, RScP, who brings 15 years in Scouting leadership to the revitalized Sunday morning teachings. Suzy’s extensive educational background brings a passion for the arts and in combination with Bill’s love of nature and scouting; they are working together to create a supportive environment for our children so that the attributes of kindness and gratitude can emerge.

The children often get a chance to interact with our kindness ambassadors, Waldo and Emma (the bunnies!).  Kindness in caring for animals is an unconditional commitment and this empathy toward animals extends into other relationships.