Youth and Family


The months of May and June we have been focusing on kindness; what it means, how it feels and how we grow in it. We have planted seeds of kindness figuratively and literally. The sunflower seeds we planted in celebration of Mother’s Day are green with stems, leaves and springing up nicely in vibrancy. We are looking forward to the joy of a sunflower 🌻. Kindness germinates, sprouts, grows stems and leaves and becomes a magnificent flower in the gardens of our lives. The flowers of our kindness bask in the light of the sun and eventually with care (water and nutrients) create multiple seeds of kindness that continue to perpetuate the kindness cycle. Nature points the way. We have only to let go and follow the path.
Suzy Thatcher
Youth and Family



The Youth Program is open to all pre-school to high school ages and will feature a new curriculum developed by Suzy Thatcher, an educator with 33 years of classroom experience, and Bill Hadrys, RScP, who brings 15 years in Scouting leadership to the revitalized Sunday morning teachings. Suzy’s extensive educational background brings a passion for the arts and in combination with Bill’s love of nature and scouting; they are working together to create a supportive environment for our children so that the attributes of kindness and gratitude can emerge.

The children often get a chance to interact with our kindness ambassadors, Waldo and Emma (the bunnies!).  Kindness in caring for animals is an unconditional commitment and this empathy toward animals extends into other relationships.