Youth and Family


Dear Youth and Families,
Thank you for your continued attendance and wonderful support for our program. It is an honor for our team to serve in this way.
Our Middles (3rd thru 8th grades) have been working on spiritual expression through The Arts. Currently, they are creating vision boards, listening to various types of instrumental music from cultures around the World, and practicing movement meditation. They continue to practice listening and engaging with each other in love and compassion actively exploring the fundamentals and teachings of the Science of Mind through play and gentle approach teaching. One of their favorite activities is learning the act of praying. In this, they are authentic, pure of heart and thoughtful.
Our Littles are learning to “sit” and “move” in prayer and enjoy yoga movement with Devon. They express their beautiful selves through music, play, art, and stories. Each week they pray-in with Mr. Bill, expressing their joy in their own perfection. Short stories and movement activities work best and they also love expressing themselves through rhythm and songs. Our future plans include serving the congregation through another artistic presentation during the Adult Service.
In February, Middles (with the magnificent Ms. Jessica) will be focused on L O V E; listening, offering, validation and value and finally essence. The idea of what makes each child unique and gives them character to love themselves fully as God loves them. Littles will adapt to a simpler format but will be focused on giving and receiving love and its expression.

Love and Light,
Suzy Thatcher
Jessica Lunetta
Bill Hadrys
Devon Delaney


The Youth Program is open to all pre-school to high school ages and will feature a new curriculum developed by Suzy Thatcher, an educator with 33 years of classroom experience, and Bill Hadrys, RScP, who brings 15 years in Scouting leadership to the revitalized Sunday morning teachings. Suzy’s extensive educational background brings a passion for the arts and in combination with Bill’s love of nature and scouting; they are working together to create a supportive environment for our children so that the attributes of kindness and gratitude can emerge.

The children often get a chance to interact with our kindness ambassadors, Waldo and Emma (the bunnies!).  Kindness in caring for animals is an unconditional commitment and this empathy toward animals extends into other relationships.