Youth and Family

Youth and Family Program currently on hold – stay tuned for post-COVID updates

Our Youth and Family Team is dedicated to serving your children, from 6-months to 19 years.  We start each Sunday service with the Youth in our sanctuary.  One of our teens leads us in a group affirmation.   Then a staff member provides a youth message that teaches all of us about Spiritual Principles.  After connecting with the congregation, the youth proceed to their classrooms.  The congregation sings to them – “You Are the Face of God, I hold you in my heart.” 

Once the youth enter their classrooms, our teachers and volunteers begin their lessons.  There is often a brief prayer, some meditation, a craft, a game, socialization, and a snack.   We nurture the children in a safe and loving environment.  They learn the basic teachings of our philosophy – things such as the goodness of God, their oneness with love, and the importance of kindness.

We trust that this early training blesses every aspect of their lives.

Here are some logistical items that will assist you as a first time visitor:

  • Please bring your children to the sanctuary by 10:00 am when our service starts. One of our staff will sign them in.
  • All youth will proceed from the sanctuary to their classrooms:
    • Infants to 3rd grade in Herron House – Next door at 133 S. Laurel.
    • Middle School, grades 4-12 – in the Garden Room – behind Herron House.
    • Teens, ages 13 and up – in the Teen Room, above the Minister’s Office.
  • After service, you will proceed to the appropriate classroom to reconnect with your child and sign him or her out.

We look forward to serving you and helping create a better future for your children.

Photo by Wendell

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