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About our Center

The Ventura Center for Spiritual Living is a Center of Love.  We encourage our participants to “be love, share love, and serve love.”    We are dedicated to your transformational journey and want to help you live a great life.


How Is the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living Different?

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As the world evolves, many people seek new visions of spiritual enlightenment.  Many feel that “something out there” exists, but can’t quite embrace the God of more traditional religions.

At our Center, we respect all religions and we have a mystical slant on things.

We believe in a God that is both “out there” and “in here.”  In other words, we believe that God, or Spirit, or Love, or Absolute Reality is the omnipresent life force of the entire universe and beyond.  Spirit expresses through everyone and everything.

We teach people how to awaken to Spirit, so that their lives may become loving expressions of the One.

We are part of an international denomination known as Centers for Spiritual Living.  Our philosophy is based on the writings of Dr. Ernest Holmes, a pioneer in metaphysics.

Our teachings include meditation, spiritual study, kindness, prayer, service, and more.

As a participant in our Spiritual Center, you will learn how to notice and befriend the small self that is often hypnotized by a limited idea of reality.  You will learn how to replace negative thinking with kind and constructive thinking.  This will help you co-create sound relationships, good health, true abundance, and a deep knowing of the presence of Love as the cornerstone of your life.

Who Participates in Our Center?

The Ventura Center for Spiritual Living welcomes everyone.

We honor all sexual orientations, gender identifications, ethnicities, races, socio-economic classes, religious creeds, sizes, shapes and other manifestations of the human experience.   We are a Center where all beings are affirmed as valued expressions of Spirit.

We welcome your perfections and your imperfections. We trust that you come to us by divine appointment.  We know that it’s never too late to grow and change.

With the mystical poet Rumi, we say “Come whoever you are….Ours is not a caravan of despair…. Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times….



We Are A Center of Love

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The mystic Saint Francis of Assisi wrote: “Such love does the sky now pour, that whenever I stand in a field, I have to wring out the light when I get home.”

We would love to have you join us on a Sunday and become filled with the love that pours through the Universe, our Spiritual Center, and you.  We want you to have to wring out your clothes and scatter that love when you get home.   We want you to fall in love with your whole life so that you may help others fall in love with theirs.

When everyone falls in love, the whole world is loving.  This is our vision for all beings.

If you have additional questions please contact us.  We look forward to seeing you soon.


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Ventura Center for Spiritual Living

Be Love, Share Love, Serve Love.

Sunday Celebration 10:00 AM

101 S. Laurel Street
Ventura California 93001



Sunday Service - 10 am