Service Groups

Service Groups

To serve or be served on one of these teams, please click the links below:

Connect with ServiceSpace, a global Service Organization.

Connect with our Outreach page for local community partnerships. 

Prayer – Rev. Karen Mondragon

Congregational Care – Circle of Blessings, Christine Voth, RScP and Joan Bergstrand, RScP

Outreach – Gayle Matthews, RScP, Pam Kelley, Norm Fort

Ministry of Appreciation – Bernie Austin, RScP

Youth and Family – Suzy Thatcher

Choir – Mary O. Kerrigan, RScP

Welcome Team – Suzy Thatcher

Prasad/Hospitality – Lisa Bidwell

Bookstore – Kathy Walker

Tech and Sound – Brian Ehler/Kenny Hobbs

House Band – Chris Kimbler and the Cats

Readings – Hugh A. Rose