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Rev. Bonnie Rose


Photo by Gerard Burkhart

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living’s website.

I am the Senior Minister of this wonderful Spiritual Center, and I’ll start by giving you some information about who I am.

First the facts:  I was raised in the suburbs of New York.  I went to College in North Carolina where I received 2 degrees – one in nursing and another in music.  I worked as a nurse, opera singer, actress, and corporate trainer before deciding to become a minister.   I attended Holmes Institute and got a Master of Divinity degree.  I was ordained in 2004 shortly after I started serving at our Spiritual Center.  I live in Ventura County with my husband and a large menagerie.



Those are the surface details of my life.  What’s more important to me though, is to convey my spiritual journey and how it has led to my love for our Spiritual Center and the people in it.

My spiritual influences are many.  I was raised in an open-minded Christian home.  As a professional singer, I performed in places of worship of many faiths.  I found our denomination in my twenties and was captivated by the positive inclusive message.

More recent influences have been Nipun Mehta, Richard Rohr, Rumi, my human and animal family, our congregants – really life is my teacher.  I seek to convey the wisdom and love available for all.  I do this through writing, teaching classes and Sunday messages.

My “Sunday Messages” tend to be deeply loving, strangely quirky, and slightly irreverent….

Photo by Gerard Burkhart.

For those of you who are familiar with mainstream Religious Science, my approach is somewhat non-traditional.  Many people in our denomination focus on teachings like The Secret, which are largely about manifesting what we want.  While manifestation can be a beautiful thing, I have found that Love is the divine force driving all our desires.

So we focus more on love for self and others.  We surrender to love, grace, and the divine mystery.

We don’t “affirm life’s imperfections away.”

We love even the darkest parts of ourselves.  We aspire to love everything.

And if we can’t love something, we love the part of us that can’t love it.

For the action of love is more important than the object of love.

Photo by Gerard Burkhart

Love has the capacity to transform anything when we apply it with kindness and authenticity.

The vision of a world filled with love fuels my passion and my work at our Center.  I get to work with the nicest congregation in the world.  Together we become individualized Centers of Love while we co-create our Spiritual Center of Love that blesses the world in seen and unseen ways.

If you would like to join us on this mystical journey, please feel free to contact me at revbonnierose@venturacsl.org.  I look forward to serving you, helping you find the love that you are, and lifting the world through our shared journey.

                 With Love,   Rev. Bonnie Rose


Rev. Judy Pando

Staff Minister Rev. Judy Pando is an ordained CSL minister and hospice Chaplain.  Her primary ministry has been in pastoral care. She serves others in spiritual and emotional need. She is co-leader of the Circle of Blessings and a grief recovery group. The members of the Circle of Blessing are devoted to seeing the divine in everyone and in all circumstances. Knowing that life is perfect, but not always easy, it is Judy’s great honor and privilege to offer spiritual and practical support to those members of our community in need and those who care for them. Chaplains are those who journey with individuals in crisis or who are experiencing loss. A Chaplain is not a fixer nor an answer giver, but one who provides a unique presence to those who are deeply vulnerable.

Judy’s ministry is about spiritual maturity. It is about transformation, awakening and allowing. It is about seeing as God sees, loving as God loves. It’s about connecting, heart to heart, mind to mind, and soul to soul; holding one hand at a time. She is a teacher, speaker and spiritual seeker.

Judy is a native of California, and enjoys nature and spending time with friends and her very large family.

Contact Rev. Judy at RevJPPando@gmail.com or call (805) 647-4511.


Rev. Carol Lotts

Reverend Carol Lotts is and always has been a spiritual seeker. Discovering Science of Mind through The Ventura Center for Spiritual Living was life changing, awe inspiring and an opportunity to grow in the idea of an all-loving, all-inclusive, non-judgmental God. This beautiful philosophy ignited and en-souled her heart with such power that she studied her way through practitioner training and went on to graduate from the Holmes Institute ministerial program. Reverend Carol’s strengths include spiritual counseling, teaching, singing and speaking. She is a strong youth leader and passionately loves children. Her intention to empower children with the Science of Mind teachings led to the creation of her recently published first children’s book “My Friend Ernest” – a book of spiritual empowerment for children. Reverend Carol is deeply committed in her work to heal, inspire, teach and empower, in full trust that the invisible hand of God is always pointing us all to greater life especially when it cannot yet be seen.  In addition to her work at Church, Rev. Carol is currently working at the Ventura County Medical Center as the Palliative care Team Chaplain.  She provides spiritual care to patients and families that are going through devastating illness and life altering trauma.  Rev. Carol describes her chaplaincy work as heart opening, heart breaking, and profoundly rich in meaningRev. Carol may be reached at carollotts@sbcglobal.net or (805) 746-6962.


Rev. Karen Mitchell

Rev. Karen Mitchell first became known in the New Thought Community as a heart opening singer and songwriter. Performing at CSL Annual Gatherings, and at Centers For Spiritual Living all across the country, she  also served as Music Minister at the Global Truth Center.  While in service there, Rev. Karen spoke, and  performed her own music, on a weekly live broadcast. Rev. Karen’s calling to serve others through music and message led her first to become a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner.  She continued her education to become a Religious Science Minister.  Rev. Karen has been a speaker, singer, and workshop leader, specializing in forgiveness and gratitude practices. She incorporates the use of musical affirmations, which we can use to transform our lives.  She has recently become a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, and is eager to share the gifts of meditation, breathing, and mantra to help us integrate Spirit, Mind, and Body. After many years of singing for VCSL services, the combination of Rev. Karen’s dream of returning to her childhood home of Ventura County, and her love of Rev. Bonnie Rose and the VCSL Community, have manifested her commitment in service as a Staff Minister at the vibrant and loving community of VCSL. 

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