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Lent – 40 Items in 40 Days

Facilitated by Jennifer Gadberry-Hadrys, RScP

The Christian practice of Lent is a forty-day period of spiritual reflection and purification.  This practice coincided with reduced winter stores, so of course fasting was happening one way or another.  In Science of Mind, Lent is an opportune time to remove what no longer serves us.  In this practice of removal, of lightening, we make room for our good.

Here’s one way to do this: 40 items in 40 days!  Each day of Lent remove an item from its nesting place.  Maybe it’s an old prom dress, a pair of pants that are too small, a teapot that is “still good” but you never use.  We live in abundance, and some of us have houses that have become storage receptacles of usable items that aren’t being used.  Take this season to see your stuff, to remember why you have it, reflect on the blessings, and then release it to someone that will actually use it.  Allow your items to be resurrected from the tomb of your closet.  When you realize you don’t need to hold on to these outdated things, you make room for who you are now.

At the Good Friday Service, April 10, 2020, we will provide a list of local charities that take donations.  There is also a Facebook group VCSL 40 Items in 40 Days” for a fun way to stay connected through this process. 

For questions, please reach out to Jennifer Gadberry-Hadrys, RScP, at jenhadrys@hotmail.com



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